Veterinary Services

We are developing links with local veterinary practices to encourage assistance with costs for those owners that find themselves unable to afford large emergency treatment bills and hence reduce the number of animals forced to be rehomed. This is a relatively recent area of our work and is a work in progress.  


It is essential that members of the public receive appropriate advice on how to care for their pets. We wish to prevent as much avoidable illness and injury as possible with healthy happy animals. Provision and dissemination of information is also therefore a growing area of our work. 

We check all prospective new homes to try to ensure a good fit with our rehomed cats. We also offer advice to anyone seeking it as to how to care for animals, how to avoid overcrowding etc. 

Neutering of all animals is key to avoiding a growth in unwanted animals and we encourage this by offering vouchers to those in financial need and signposting other charities we partner with to provide a low cost provision.

Vet Clinic

A vet visits our Centre weekly on a Thursday afternoon offering access to a subsidised clinic service for members of the public that are struggling to afford to care for their pets.