Cat Rescue

We have facilities on site at our Ipswich Centre to care for a number of cats. The exact numbers depend on whether they are housed singly or in groups and whether any Mothers have kittens with them. We have recently replaced one of our 1970’s brick built buildings and some outdoor cages with new, state of the art, pens. These new pens are constructed of materials that allow much easier cleaning and maintenance. The cats have extra space, more levels to explore, light from individual windows and integrated heating / cooling systems. The facility includes both an isolation pen and a food preparation area.

We intend to extend the building to provide further pens in the near future so that all our pens are up to this high standard. 

We take in cats from a variety of sources, rehoming animals where owners can no longer look after them, taking in strays and assisting manage feral colonies. We aim to ensure all the cats are given appropriate veterinary checks and then fed and cared for to our best abilities before being rehomed with suitable new families as soon as possible.